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About us

“RE AUTOCLUB” racing team has more than 20 years experience in international rallies and 10 years in rally-raid competitions. For last 4 years, team has taken part in 10th World Cup rally events in rally-raid, receiving good results that attracted an attention from leading sportsmen in world, car manufacturers, sports-teams and mass media. Within all period sportsmen used services of “RE AUTOCLUB“ where included complete specter of services that allowed achieving such a results.

Since 1997 “RE AUTOCLUB” offers an off-road vehicles Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes etc., which is prepared for participation in rally competition (raid and carousel type) in Latvia, besides, all vehicles prepared by our club, has achieved honorable places in Latvian Championships.

In 2001 “RE AUTOCLUB” started to work on new competitive Mitsubishi Pajero Evo” - the sports cars preparation for most famous world rally - “Dakar 2004”. In 2002 Latvian rally raid team had a debut in prestigious international rally “Master Rallye”  in Russia. Within 11 days and more then 5000km long drive through Russia (from St. Petersburg (Baltic Sea) to Novorossiysk (Black Sea), all vehicles, prepared and serviced by “RE AUTOCLUB” , reached the finish point. Racing team ''RE AUTOCLUB'' (equipage of J.Naglis) showed remarkable results on finish within World Cup rally events (“Master Rallye” in Russia, “Baja Italia”,“Desert Challenge” – United Arabian Emirates (twice), Rally Morocco, Rally Tunis, “D`Orient Cappadoce” – in Turkey). The high mark was before that, 8th place in “Rallye d`Orient'' in Turkey in 2003 and 10th place in World Cup absolute set-off in “Rallye d`Orient'' in Turkey in 2004. In 2004 “RE AUTOCLUB” striving for determined aim, first time is taking part in the most prestigious in the world rally-raid “Paris-Dakar”. Vehicle of the equipage Janis Naglis, Krisjanis Caune represented by the team, but technical part was managed by Roberts Elbakjans. Janis Naglis and Krisjanis Caune, youngest participant of the competition, in which participate mostly world leading sportsmen, among debutants marking, has achieved in this set-off the 3rd place.
In events sports of world rally events, sport cars, prepared by “RE AUTOCLUB”, and sportsmen themselves has achieved a level of the high mark by the best world-known teams and drivers. In world competitions “RE AUTOCLUB ” has driver’s names such world famous sportsmen as Hiroshi Masouka, Stefan Peterhansel, Juta Kleinsmit, Aari Vatanen, Kenzo Shinozuka, Louie Alfan, Collin McRaye and etc. In order to achieve a regular “made-to-the-finish” result at high class and difficulty level competition a high-class of maintenance must be secured and since 2002 “RE AUTOCLUB” is using as a special transport - "KAMAZ 5350", “Mercedes Benz 1935” as a technical assistance truck T4 class and specially designed and produced on “Minsk Automobile Factory” experimental lab T4 class MAZ 631739 sport tech-assistance truck. Mr Viktor Moskovskih, several “Paris-Dakar” rally-raids winner, closely participated in designing of this special vehicle.

This technical assistance guarantees equipment and high professional level of technical-mechanical personnel, insures the vehicles serviced by “RE AUTOCLUB” and makes it to the finish.



Roberts Elbakjans(LV, FR, RU)

Team Director

Mobile: +371 29256006

Alexey Berkut(RU, EN)

Director of Unit in Moscow

Mobile: +791 65564909


Raimonds Elbakjans(LV, RU, EN)

RE Autoclub TV

Mobile: +371 28844828

Ieva Stulpina(LV, EN, RU)

Director of Marketing

Mobile: +371 22027978