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J.Ampuja and M.Hurskainen won the second place in Russian Championship 2015


From 18 to 20 of September in Volgograd was held the leaders fight of the final stage of Russian Championship in rally raid. In overall ranking in the final stage and in Russian Championship as well Jouni Ampuja/ Markku Hurskainen (Mitsubishi MPR 10) won the 2nd place. And in the team overall ranking „RE Autoclub” won the 1st place in the final stage and in Russian Championship.

Latvian „RE Autoclub” in Russian Championship in team overall ranking wins 1st place
These was particularly significant races not only in the individual assessment, but also in the team competition. In the fierce competition were fighting 5 motorsport teams. And the title of the best team and the 1st place not only in 6th stage, but also at Russian championship won the Latvian team "RE Autoclub"!
""RE Autoclub" has proved itself as a professional international motorsport team. I am proud that the team is growing and joins the new, targeted, professional racers from Russia and also from Finland," says Robert Elbakjan,"RE Autoclub" director.

In overall ranking J.Ampuja and M.Hurskainen took the second place
Before the final stage of rally raid of Russian Championship were fighting three crews with similar results, including Jouni Ampuja and Markku Hurskainen who had moved to the top in the first place. The first special stage was important because it was 280 km long, which is the half of the total length of the special stages. J.Ampuja and M.Hurskainen started as the first, but became second at the finish and held up second position all rally raid behind a strong team of "PEK" - Jevgenij Firsov and Vadim Filatov (Toyota Hilux).
Telling J.Ampuja: "This is a difficult and challenging sport, but this is our first time participating in the Russian Championship and I think that the 2nd place is a very good result! I knew that we have to reach the maximum, but some technical troubles with the car did not allow us to outperform the strong competitors. We have learned a lot of the Russian rally raid and are stronger than in the past, so we ready to fight next year!"

1st place in T3 class
In 6th stage Maria Oparina and Sergey Lebedev (Polaris RZR 1000) wins the 1st place in the T3 class!
"This race was a big challenge for me because it was the struggle with myself, but I was ready for it. All times I thought about the rivals, but we where ahead of them and I am very pleased about that! Although at the second day I felt ill, everything went as planned and we won first place! I have a very good cooperation with the co-driver S.Lebedev and therefore I have no doubts that we've got the first plase," M.Oparina share the experience.

3rd place in R class
Very talented Ivan Sidorok and Sergey Dodonov (Mitsubishi MPR 98) in rally raid participates only second time and in 11 crew particularly fierce competition won 3rd place in the R class.
"This was only the second race, but certainly not the last! We already have plans for next year's championship, but before that will definitely be carried out several tests in Latvia, Finland and Russia," said I.Sidorok.

Alexander Kolembet and Igor Petenko (Toyota Land Cruiser 200) took the 4th place in T2 class.

The three day race in rally raid took place in Volgograd region, Russia, where the participants had to show their professionality, crossing the steppes, sand dunes, forests and fields. Participants acknowledged that the track was interesting and full of surprises. Total length of the route reached 800km, including 3 special stages - 580km.
The team of ''RE Autoclub'' was represented 4 crews:
1. Jouni Ampuja/ Markku Hurskainen from Finland (Mitsubishi MPR 10)
2. Alexander Kolembet/ Igor Petenko from Russia (Toyota Land Cruiser 200)
3. Maria Oparina / Sergey Lebedev from Russia (Polaris RZR 1000)
4. Ivan Sidorok/ Sergey Dodonov from Russia (Mitsubishi MPR 98).

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