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Russian Championship – the part of the “Silk Way Rally 2016”


The 4th stage of Russian Championship in rally raid will be the part of the unique rally marathon “Silk Way Rally 2016”. In total, on the start of the rally raid will claim 116 crews representing 30 countries, 194 vehicle tracks and 42 press cars.

The rally marathon “Silk Way Rally 2016” will be held two weeks – from 8th till 24th of July, but the 4th stage of Russian Championship - from 8th till 15th of July.

The “Silk Way Rally 2016” will start from Red Square in Moscow and will see the competitors race over several thousand kilometers crossing the majestic landscapes of Russia, Kazakhstan and China, before arriving at the finish line in the heart of Beijing on July 24. But the Award Ceremony of Russian Championship in rally raid will be 15th of July.

In team of RE Autoclub in T2 class will compete Alexander Terentyev and Alexey Berkut from Russia (Ford Raptor F150 SVT).


The  “Silk Way Rally 2016” is  just  one  day  off  from  rolling  down  the  start  ramp  in  Red  Square. The  competitors  have  arrived in  the  Russian  capital  and  the  excitement  is  beginning  to  rise  like  the 1755  era  Moscow  State  University  that  towers  over  the  Olympic  Complex.  But  before  the 116 cars and  trucks  set  off  on  the  15  stage  rally-raid  through  Mother  Russia  to the  Land  of  Wanderers  and Zhongguo, the crews and vehicles must first be validated.  And a veritable army of 350  rally staff will make sure the process runs smoothly. The Luzhniki Stadium is a buzz with participants from more than 30 countries ready to present their paperwork  and  have  their  race  vehicles  placed  under the  looking  glass  for  edition  6  of  the  “Silk Way Rally 2016”.   

The  technical  staff  will  put  the  race  vehicles  through  their  first  important  test,  scrutineering. Technical regulations will be enforced for all the categories. Nothing will be overlooked  on the cars, which the teams have spent the last several months readying for this moment.

Meanwhile,  the  final  touches  are  being  carried  out  between  the  Kremlin  and  Saint  Basil’s  Cathedral to create the ideal atmosphere to celebrate the long-awaited start of what promises to be a rally-raid for the ages !